Episode 19: Oversize Religious Kids

This week, Ed and John welcome fiction writer Sharma Shields, and the three talk about hot salad, library masturbators, fast food franchise partnerships, growing up on a lamb ranch, and horse poetry. Follow links to Michael Earl Craig's "Autobiography", Shawn Bruce and the Horsebite Tears, Auntie's Books, the union of Schlotzky's and Cinnabon, Das Racist's "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell", 2nd Look Books, Elias Khoury's White Masks,Zakaria Tamer's Breaking Knees, Alissa Nutting's Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls, and Paul Maliszewski's essay on the nonficiton of Wells Tower. Also, John apologizes for the crackles, Skype didn't like him today.