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Episode 90: The Power of Light Jazz

Ed and John talk about literary readings again, but also the political campaign, pro wrestling and funerals, puppetry, beards, and potty training. Follow links to Dilfield, Silent Reading Party, The Brockport Writers' Forum, two poems by Frank Lima, Bad Lip Reading's Democratic Debate, Axelrod interviews Romney, and the weird presidencies of Grover Cleveland.

Episode 90: The Power of Light Jazz


Episode 89: Here's a List of American Words

Ed and John take a post-Halloween breather to discuss Billy Joel, Portland's penchant for naming businesses after other kinds of businesses, the foods of West Philly, potty training, writer parties, and getting rid of books. Follow links to Joel's All for Leyna, Matter of Trust, interview with Alec Baldwin, and Moscow freak-out; also Philadelphia's Ramen Bar and Federal Donuts.


Episode 89: Here's a List of American Words


Episode 88: Makin' Sauce with an Old Flame

What's this? Ed and John are back? In this rather truncated episode, they discuss guns, the scoundrel Cal Ripken, the arrival of the lunchman, pop singers, and eating at a golf course. Follow links to the University of Iowa Shooting, Jo Ann Beard's essays, Alice Bolin on Britney Spears, Miley's tongue slide, Ohana Hawaiian Cafe, Sayler's Old Country Kitchen, Killer Burger, and the Rose City Golf Course.

Episode 88: Makin' Sauce with an Old Flame


Episode 87: Thin Meat and a Shitty Car

This episode is boring, but luckily, it is also long. After endlessly droning on about mailboxes and childcare, Ed and John mercilessly pivot into panic attacks, how Johnny Cash almost died, and the awfulness of Bill Cosby; then they finish strong with patty melts, grilled scallions, and other grillable delights. Follow links to Nicole Cliffe's burger recpie (it's all about the cumin), the Pilot Rock charcoal grill, The Sweethome's charcoal roundup, cebollitas, and grilling brussels sprouts.

Episode 87: Thin Meat and a Shitty Car


Episode 86: Satchmo and the Gooch

John has quit his book group over dirty teacups, and Ed is spending most of his time at the zoo. Nevertheless they manage to find things to say about the most respected profession, a very special subgenre of metal, the pleasures of Queens, and whether they or their friends are narcissists. Follow links to the narcissist quiz, the big quake, Mac Sabbath, the Noguchi Museum, Louis Armstrong House, the LIC Reading Series, and Luis J. Rodriguez's Always Running.

Episode 86: Satchmo and the Gooch


Episode 85: Ferns, Ficus, Private Benjamin

It's Father's Day, and Ed is wondering when he'll go to the movies again. He and John discuss how the ninteen-seventies have influenced them, whether it is possible to like both Ferrante and Knausgaard, the similarities between a list of poems and a list of snacks, and the unhinged horribleness of the present-day Lucky Charms elf, who is no longer played by Cormac McCarthy. Follow links to Ed's list, Elissa's list, Novel Gothic, Grizzly BT Regular, "The Cowboy Outlaw", The Gift of Stones, and Truckstop Honeymoon.

Episode 85: Ferns, Ficus, Private Benjamin


Episode 84: Don't Make Me Open the Meat Box

Ed's bored in the suburbs but is preparing to enjoy parades on the land, sea, and air. John has had a traumatic experience at the post office. Nevertheless, they manage to talk about the rappers of upstate New York, propose a reality show in which Arnold Schwartzenegger visits fruit festivals, sample kava, and debate the laws governing pool-noodle ownership. Follow links to the internet troll who shall not be named, Videodrome, Scanners,, Whoop-Up Trail Days in Conrad, MT, "Sick" by Crying, and Sammus.

Episode 84: Don't Make Me Open the Meat Box


Episode 83: Raised Creamy

Ed is lost and alone in the sub-suburban wilds of Vancouver, and John is slightly less anxious than he used to be in his clean house. They hold forth on the pleasures of summer, fear of foreign travel, the names of babies and old women, sheriffs on horses, and bringing a toddler into a cave and turning out the lights. Follow links to the Catacombe dei Cappuccini, the Wahl Peanut, Nong's Khao Man Gai, F. Scott Fitzgerald's "May Day", the Chateau at the Oregon Caves, Molly Laich's essay for Okey-Panky, and the News-Miner's Public Safety Report.

Episode 83: Raised Creamy


Episode 82: Can't I Just Die Now, Wilbur?

Ed has moved into the Reflections in the Park apartment complex, and John's AWP cold is gone, so it's time to talk about John's Armenian Pastry Shop dream, Lincoln Michel's misremembered shaggy dog joke, reheating french fries with steam, Nell Carter, repeating yourself, cheese disappointment, and erotic feelings for the waitress on the cover of Supertramp's "Breakfast in America." Follow links to Gimme A Break, Gregory Pardlo's "Written by Himself", The Walrus and the Carpenter, Borough, James Hannaham's first novel, Big City Rhythm and Blues Magazine, Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater, Truman Capote's "A Christmas Memory", and Murder by Death.

Episode 82: Can't I Just Die Now, Wilbur?


Episode 81: Nutty Grindz

"John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt": circular silliness, or lynching allegory? Ed and John try to decide in this episode that also features an abortive zoo trip, a missing bacon web page, New York eateries, a movie of a novel, contorted mannequins, and sending grandma's collector spoons to India. Follow links to G. K. Chesterton's The Man Who Was Thursday, Jason Miller's Down Don't Bother Me, James Hannaham's Delicious Foods, Stephen King's war with the governor of Maine, Waffle Town, The Original Hotcake House, Winter in the Blood, Scan Cafe, Russ and Daughters, Carbone, and the Chatterbox.

Episode 81: Nutty Grindz