Episode 102: Bacon, Lettuce, Tomatoes, and Pride

John got a check in the mail for services rendered...in the future. Ed is escorting a kangaroo...with a human face. In this very spooky episode, Ed and John discuss a late-night encounter at the convenience store, when the seventies actually ended, how much patron food assembly is permissible at a restaurant, and the maximum allowable variation from the canonical BLT. Follow links to The Pond House Café, The New Deal Café, and We Want Plates.

Episode 101: Cajun Friendship Powder

Ed and John are flawlessly on-message in this episode that is firmly about literature and food, but is also about tweakers' preferred cookware, repurposed Christmas Carols, trends in boomer mansplaining, semi-legitimate use of photocopiers and folding machines, and the interchangeability of shlubs. Follow links to James Gendron's Weirde Sister,The Grandmother Book, The Poetry World Series, Gramma Press, the Formax 6102 Folder Inserter, Clyde's Prime Rib, Portland Eater, Portland's most popular dog breeds, za'atar, and Montreal steak seasoning.