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Episode 70: Creative Tainting

John's about to head Ed-ward (Edwardward?) on his book tour, and Oscar's about to enjoy his first fully cognizant Halloween, on which he will watch his father eat candy. Ed and John talk about writing habits and whether John's peculiar manuscript is a book, and Ed tells the joke about the hog and reads a Galway Kinnell poem. Follow links to Chess King, John's tour schedule, Merritt Tierce's Love Me Back, Mike and Mike's Guitar Bar, and "Flower Herding on Mount Monadnock".

Episode 70: Creative Tainting


Episode 69: Rubbing Two Tigers Together Too Fast

John's been to New York City and Ed's been to Port Townshend, and they talk about what they ingested there, including cocktails, liqueurs, cafe con leche, and soup dumplings, aka XLB. Also, Ed won an award and played a song about a hearse, and John does not have Ebola. Follow links to Kung Fu Little Steam Buns Ramen, Cafeteria La Mejor, Sidetrack Distillery’s lemon verbena liqueur, Pegu Club, Xiaolongbao, Chiang's Gourmet, The Boobie Trap, the other Boobie Trap, Peter Bagge, and "Lawn Dart." 

Episode 69: Rubbing Two Tigers Together Too Fast


Episode 68: Why Not Make the Coffee Pink

Ed has a bee in his bonnet about baby boomers and John doesn't know if the work is better or worse than it seemed while doing it. Also, Ed makes coffee, insults a museum volunteer, and gives John false hopes about a new Pavement record, while John investigates prison Orangina, recommends a coffee maker, and watches a movie inside a movie. Follow links to fermented juice, "Slang in America", the world's saddest website, textile artist Gina Phillips, the Bonavita BV1800, "Rubber Biscuit", and The Shining in Twister.

Episode 68: Why Not Make the Coffee Pink


Episode 67: Sex Carpenter

Ed has returned from bluegrassish festivities in Winfield and John's bete noire has surfaced again. They touch upon the mysteries of eggplant, America's greatest museums, and the proper relationship to the self-soiled child. Follow links to Dr. Mutter's Marvels, "Rainbow Stew", Bill Poss, The Mutter Museum and the MJT again, "A Martian Sends a Postcard Home", The Most Hated Man in Books, and Dick versus Lem.

Episode 67: Sex Carpenter


Episode 66: The Masterful Short Story "Star Wars"

John looks like the Unabomber and Ed's trying to write songs. They talk about extremeist groups, TED talks, the Zima of independent rock, Stephen Crane and Hart Crane, Jane Austen, and the noticing of small things, like, for instance, visibly hungover people in animal costumes. Follow links to Dean Ween on Guitar Moves, the socialist recording studio in the Lawrence Public Library, Skunk, the poems of Eric McHenry, Oaks Park, Tavern Books, and The Common.

Episode 66: The Masterful Short Story "Star Wars"


Episode 65: Halberds and Chihuahuas


Ed and John have nothing to say in Episode 65, so they talk unceasingly for 75 minutes about John's workday lunch habits, using a pepper mill as a microphone, eating pizza in the street, cheesemaking Mennonites, and several excellent new books. Follow links to the Temple of Zeus soup recipes (again), types of chefs, Pyrex storage bowls, Coppelia, queso Chihuahua, Fast Eddy's in Tok, Alaska, and books by T. R. Johnson, Alfred Starr Hamilton, Ann Leckie, and Ben Lerner.

Episode 65: Halberds and Chihuahuas


Episode 64: All Blacked Out for Hitler's Birthday

This week, John talks about his Philadelphia dining experiences and Ed contemplates the aftermath of the Triggering Town Review performance. Also: what are Dutch babies? Why do all high school students have Corvettes? And why don't your parents understand baba ghanoush? Then we abruptly cut off with a little song. Follow links to Underdogs, Vietnam, the Crown Victoria Bar, M. Shanghai, the Dutch baby, Marrakesh, Ed's song "O Fire", and John Pontrello and Pepper Proud singing "Lou's Got the Flu."

Episode 64: All Blacked out for Hitler's Birthday


Episode 63: The Pig is My Hostage

When is the right time to bring your child to the county fair? What are the names of all the counties in Kansas? How do you drive a car? Is that thing a mango or a bagel? Don't ask Ed and John. In Episode 63, they discuss poet laureatehood, running for office, thwarty bakers, and mermice. Follow links to Scriabin's Mysterium, New Jersey's counties, Karen Joy Fowler's We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, Elissa Washuta's My Body Is a Book of Rules, Alice Bolin's new essay on The Awl, Diagram magazine, and Kubel's.

Episode 63: The Pig is My Hostage


Episode 62: Super Silly All the Time

This week Ed and John end up actually talking about writing, but not before inventing the ice cream sandwich, addressing the smell of Southern California bodies, getting a face tattoo, and reading Julia Clare Tillinghast in the voice of Andy Rooney. Follow links to Bruce Smith's author photo, Dorothea Lasky's "I Am Eddie Murphy", Tillinghast's B.I.B.L.E., "Banquet", and "Looking At", John's essay on The Cramped, Butterick's Practical Typography, and the source of "They too tired!"

Episode 62: Super Silly All the Time


Episode 61: What Is this Place with Mayors and Kings?

John's back from Scotland, and Ed's in Idyllwild, bemoaning the flaws in his fellow man. They discuss the rich variations in Scottish cuisine, Pablo Neruda, poet voice, and the vulnerability of the diaper changer. Follow links to halloumi, haggis, neeps, and tatties, the Idyllwild Summer Arts program, Neruda's "Toward an Impure Poetry", Rich Smith on poet voice, and Justin Bieber's "Backpack."

Episode 61: What Is this Place with Mayors and Kings?