Episode 17: Somebody Else's Jeans Are Here

In this rather ruminative, which is to say slow, episode, Ed contemplates the nature of madness from his lonely cottage in Marfa, Texas, while John holds forth about what one's writing career is supposed to consist of. And somewhere in between they utter the titles of a lot of books, and discuss snow shoveling, the relative popularity of certain greens, John's inseam, Ed's facial hair, and fake live albums. Follow links to the Marfa Chamber of Commerce, Frampton Comes Alive!, and Paul Metcalf. Also, here is Rhian's kale soup recipe: sautee some onions and garlic in a saucepan. Add chopped potatoes and carrots, then vegetable stock. When things are about two thirds done, add some chickpeas, and then chopped kale, leaving only enough time to cook the kale lightly ("so it still has some tooth," says Rhian). Season with salt or soy sauce, chipotle chili powder, italian seasoning, and lime juice.